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Actual loan pricing and financing options available are determined by personal credit score. Most patients are approved with a credit score of 650 or above. Co-signers are accepted but must be present. Pricing is subject to change and may vary by location. Offer valid for new patients only. APR and final price may vary by patient.

Smart Start

Per Arch
Per Arch


General anesthesia is not included. Actual loan pricing is determined by personal credit score. Most patients are approved with a credit score of 650 or above. Co-signers are accepted but must be present. Pricing is subject to change and may vary by location. Offer valid for new patients only. APR and final price may vary by patient.

Smart Arch

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Per Arch

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General anesthesia is not included. Actual loan pricing is determined by personal credit score. Most patients are approved with a credit score of 650 or above. Zygomatic implants may increase treatment fees. Pricing is subject to change and may vary by location. Offer valid for new patients only. APR and final price may vary by patient.

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I can't say enough good things about Smart Arches!

The entire team is fantastic, and I’m thrilled to have found such a caring dentist. My visit was excellent, and it’s clear they prioritize their patients’ well-being. Highly recommend!
Jake M.

They truly care about their patients.

Smart Arches is amazing… from the doctors to ALL the staff. I couldn’t be more excited to call them my NEW dentist. My experience was awesome, and they truly care about their patients.

Sharon S.

Smart Arches is hands down the best dental practice I've ever been to.

The staff is incredibly friendly, and the care I received was top-notch. It’s so refreshing to find a dental practice that genuinely cares about their patients’ experience and well-being. Thank you, Smart Arches!
Emily R.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is Smart Arches the best place for my implants?


Our expert dental implant surgeons have established a reputation of excellence through years of dedicated work in our field. Your skilled surgeon has performed hundreds of cases with great success. 

Our highly trained restorative specialists are leaders in dentistry. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a beautiful smile and renewed confidence. 


Our clinic is equipped with the latest technologies and is supported by a highly trained staff. We employ an MD anesthesiologist to ensure your comfort and safety. Our strict focus on one procedure allows us to provide the best possible care.   


Replacing your teeth with implants is a significant investment. Having the entire team in one location allows our process to be collaborative and efficient. We have optimized our process to provide the best care in as few appointments as possible. This predictable approach enables us to maintain quality and save our patients time and money. 

You will be completely asleep and comfortable under general anesthesia for the procedure. It is common to experience discomfort during the first week, but many patients find that over-the-counter pain relief is adequate. 

Your teeth will look incredibly natural as they have been personalized to complement your facial features and jaw movements. We offer various shades and styles, ensuring we design and craft the smile you have always dreamed of having. 

Many clinics make full-arch teeth from solid zirconia. However, it is heavy and makes sounds when you talk or chew. It is commonly used, however, because it is inexpensive to mill and finish. 


Smart Arches™ uses monolithic zirconia teeth only. Underneath is a core of lightweight, strong titanium and a shock-absorbing PEEK material.  The result is the perfect blend of beauty, strength, and comfort. Smart Arches™ technology is unique to Smart Arches™ clinics.  

Dental implants to replace all your teeth are a significant investment, and dental insurance does not cover the procedure. However, your patient ambassador will explain the payment options available so you can choose the one that suits you best. Make an appointment and get pre-approved today. 

The first step is to schedule a complimentary exam to assess the condition of your teeth and determine if you are a candidate for the life-changing Smart Arches™ procedure. You can either fill out the form below or call us for the earliest available appointment. 

Yes, your first assessment is complimentary. We will take images of your face, teeth, and jawbone and use AI technology to design your new smile. We will also assess whether Smart Arches™ would suit you and review the process. There is no obligation or cost for this visit. 

Before your surgery, you will have a Smile Design appointment lasting between 60-90 minutes. During this visit, we will take photographs in our studio and help you choose the desired color and shape for your new teeth. Our doctors will assess your bite and smile and suggest any changes necessary to enhance your overall appearance. This collaborative process aims to achieve the best possible outcome for you. We will schedule your big transformation day once this is finished. 

1.  Our anesthesiologist will keep you asleep throughout to ensure your safety and comfort. We do not use nurses for anesthesia. 

2. Your surgeon will remove teeth and disease and prepare the remaining bone foundation for the dental implants. 

3. Dental implants are placed in a highly precise manner, according to plan. If improper, it can lead to significant complications. 

4.  Additional measures are carried out to stabilize the gum tissue and prevent gaps from forming under your new teeth. 

5.  The restorative team will take a digital impression. 

6.  The lab technician merges this with your Pre-Surgical Smile Design to create same-day teeth try-in. 

7.  Within hours of your surgery, the prototype of your final teeth is tried, and any necessary adjustments are made. 

8. Your final Smart Arches teeth are created from some of the best materials available, resulting in stunning transformations. 

We are unique in our approach to sedation and anesthesia at Smart Arches™ as we employ MD anesthesiologists (not nurses or CRNAs typically seen in other clinics). We value the experience and training that an anesthesiologist brings, and this allows us to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our patients during treatment.

The Smart Arches™ clinics are equipped with sophisticated equipment to allow accurate gauging of the depth of your sleep throughout your treatment and to ensure precise and efficient delivery of the anesthetic with the quickest possible recovery and reduced post-operative side effects. 

Are zygoma implants more painful than standard implants? 

There is usually more swelling compared to standard implants, but the pain aspect is no different, and most patients can use traditional over-the-counter medication. 

How will I know if my jawbone is too thin or poor quality? 

A 3D-CT scan is needed to diagnose this problem adequately. Regular X-rays can easily mislead dentists that you have enough bone to support traditional implants, only to discover that the bone is too soft during surgery. That is why we incorporate sophisticated software with the CT scan to view the bone density accurately. In this manner, we can determine if you will need zygomatic implants before we even begin the procedure.  

Are there more risks with zygomatic implants? 

Zygomatic implants are longer than standard implants because they anchor on the underside of the cheekbones. The surgery is more involved and should only be performed by highly experienced surgeons who perform these procedures regularly. 

There is more associated swelling and bruising, but the risks for failure are limited, just like with conventional dental implants. There are additional risks with this surgery, such as sinusitis and potential effects on the nerves in the region; however, significant risks are uncommon with surgeons who have experience with this procedure. 

When do you consider zygomatic implants? 

Zygomatic implants are used when the bone amount or quality is inadequate for conventional dental implants, so the only alternative is to rebuild the bone with supportive bone grafting. 

Supportive bone grafts typically need 6-12 months of healing to support teeth. So patients wear dentures while healing takes place. Non-supportive bone grafting is simply a patch for empty spaces or to fill gaps, but the jawbone is sufficiently solid and stable to support immediate teeth. 

Zygoma implants do not need supportive bone grafts. As a result, the overall cost of treatment is less, and healing times are shortened. 

What is the follow-up protocol?

5-week review

The typical follow-up schedule is two weeks and five weeks. The 2-week visit is approximately when the stitches have dissolved, and the bruising/swelling has dissipated. We will show you how to care for your teeth and make any minor adjustments as needed. This will occur a second time at the 5-week visit.

4-month review

We will take a new 3D CT scan and check the implant interface to ensure they have integrated into the bone. At this point, you can enjoy any food you desire without restriction.

How often will I return for a cleaning?

Patients will be scheduled every six months for hygiene in our clinic. At each visit, we will examine your implants and teeth, take any necessary X-rays, make any adjustments to the teeth as needed, and our hygienist will clean the surfaces of your teeth. This process will help to ensure the long-term maintenance of your beautiful new teeth and prevent problems in the future.

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